Three Advantages of Recording Your Podcast in a Professional Studio

Three Advantages of Recording Your Podcast in a Professional Studio

Are you looking for ways to increase the quality of your podcast––or create a new podcast all together? As technology advances and artist expectations exponentially increase, there is no doubt that utilizing a professional recording studio will take your podcast to another level. Businesses, individuals, professionals, and artists are looking for more powerful and innovative approaches to attract listeners online through their voices. There is a desperate need for new tools to engage fans and customers to help gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. Let’s check out three advantages of recording your podcast in a professional studio, such as 1Moore Studios!


Equipment Matters



Covid-19 has been limiting for artists of all mediums. Many podcasters have opted to record in their homes. Which in turn, often produces lower quality content due to microphone standard, acoustics, lighting, etc. A professional studio provides state of the art equipment so your voice sounds clear as day. Buying a professional grade microphone and accompanying cameras to optimize angles can prove to be quite costly. Renting a professional studio can be more cost efficient as it will come equipped with all the resources necessary. No extra money will have to come out of your pocket. There will be no need to worry if you have the right equipment or not when visiting a recording studio.


Professional Editing



Podcasts are usually audio recordings posted on various listening platforms such as Spotify or Apple. But many podcasts have been growing in popularity on YouTube. Creators implement a video recording of the podcast in addition to solely audio. Transforming your podcast into video content can greatly increase interest and engagement. The first step of putting together a podcast is recording, but editing is what truly brings your podcast to life. It can often be frustrating to perfect the technical expertise needed to reach the standard of excellent editing. A professional recording studio provides in-house editors to mix and master your recording. This allows for a consistent style of editing, sound, and visuals. Consistency is key when trying to perfect your podcast branding! 


The Right Environment



Having the right environment is essential to express your creative freedom to produce the best content possible. New York City is the creative hub artists from all over the world come to be themselves and create. Being in Brooklyn especially allows you to connect with other innovators and elevate your creative experience. The actual studio space is what matters even more––you are free to be comfortable with essential resources at your fingertips. Relaxation with the right space is the key to a successful audio or video recording. Being in the presence of others who share your same passions can help to spark your creativity. If it is solitude you want instead, a private studio is also be achievable. You can create your reality!

Get an edge over your competitors, use state of the art equipment, collaborate with experienced producers, experience immaculate vibes and record your podcast professionally at a place like 1Moore Studios in Brooklyn, NY.


Written by Marcella Zanetti