All About Ronnie Diez AKA Diez.

All About Ronnie Diez AKA Diez.

Every artist comes from somewhere. For singer, songwriter and actor Ronnie Diez, AKA Diez., that place is New Jersey. Diez. grew up in an Italian-Spanish home, regularly listening to R&B and pop, unaware that one day he would create his own R&B/hip hop music. 

Diez. joined us at the studio just in time for his new music releases. He is focusing on his new image and put his trust in the studio to help deliver the image he wants to create.

Diez. was an avid hip hop dancer when he was young, and always took on any opportunity to entertain. Diez. furthered his creative career when he moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to pursue acting and music at a young age. Today, he likes to involve himself in anything that allows him to express his creativity––whether that be through fashion or songwriting, he is made for this lifestyle.

As Diez. grew up, he started to appreciate his Spanish background more and now incorporates his Spanish speaking skills into his new music. When he began to delve more into the musical world in his early 20s, he quickly became attracted to Spanish reggaeton-style music. He always loved dancing and appreciates the culture surrounding this music genre. It is what inspires his unique sound mixture of Spanish R&B and hip hop. 

When starting out, Diez. collaborated with three-time Grammy nominated producer, Krunkadelic. He and Krunkadelic are still working together to this day, creating unique and exciting music.

Diez. expresses himself through his music and makes it his own––he likes to incorporate his personal experiences into his music. Diez. says it’s hard for him to be vulnerable and express his feelings in his songs, but he does it in hopes people can relate. 

More than anything, Diez. creates his own vibe through his music production and works on ways to reinvent what R&B and hip hop mean to him as an individual artist. 

Diez. recently took a break from creating music so he can focus on himself and what creating truly means to him. But now he is back and better than ever. 

“I evolved into a new me and that took a lot of time and effort. I was able to work on my sound and focus on my art,” Diez. said.

Diez. emphasizes how important it is for people to go through change and is eager to start this new chapter with his music career. 

“That time away was useful and I had lots of life experience, heartbreaks, and successes. My new music reflects on that change and I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on.”

Friends, family, and fans can connect with Diez. through the messaging app, Text Diez. at +1 (323) 310-9592 for exclusive updates and new music releases. He even has a unique form link for fans to add their information so they get a personalized texting experience with Diez. 

Continue to stay updated with Diez. on socials and get the inside scoop on his daily life! Listen to his music on Spotify and follow his Instagram @ronnie_diez