All About Coco Bassey

All About Coco Bassey

Creator Coco Bassey recently joined us at 1Moore Studios to be featured on our original podcast, “Moore You”. Coco Bassey is a creator and fashion blogger who gained a following on Instagram largely due to her phenomenal taste in clothing. She offers style inspiration and beauty tips to her followers. Her style is luxury chic with a clear love for all things neutral, but she’s not afraid to show a little color either. Her Instagram feed offers the most satisfying display of neutrals for all you neutral lovers out there. Coco enjoys to keep up with what’s “in”, but it is clear her style is uniquely her own. She finds great interest in luxury brands and collaborates with brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more.

Originally from Nigeria, Coco moved around the globe living in a multitude of different places. A few places being France, Canada, Atlanta, including her current residence in New York City, where she continues her fashion blogging in one of the greatest fashion capitals of the world. Her constant movement allows her creative content to be seen by people in a diverse amount of countries. She is a seasoned fashionista having been able to experience how fashion changes or stays the same in different places. Inspiration can rise from anywhere, and travel can definitely spark inspiration.  

She gets thousands of views on her ongoing series, “Sunday’s With Coco”, featured on Instagram’s IGTV where she does anything from creating new lookbooks, to makeup tutorials, cocktail hours, and Q&A’s. Coco loves to give tips to her followers on how they can style certain accessories or colors. In her fashion blog,, she offers exact links to where her followers can shop the looks she posts on Instagram. She also reviews her favorite fashion pieces and tells readers what they can do to elevate their style. For years she has devoted her life to fashion and beauty and uses her platform to show her uniqueness.


Keep up with Coco!

You can keep up with Coco and gain all your fashion inspiration on her Instagram, @cocobassey. Additionally, be sure to head over to her website where you can shop all her styles. There, she also posts to her fashion blog with style tips and the latest updates on trends.


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Written by Marcella Zanetti